Meri Manziel Is Absolutely Destroying Spring Break In The Dominican Republic

Yep, Johnny Manziel’s sister, Meri, is having herself one helluva Spring Break in the Dominican Republic where she’s posted a couple of pics to remind you fools that Manziels can still dominate the content market even when Johnny’s working on the comeback.

I’m still trying to figure out how this family hasn’t locked down a reality series. Not one of these where the kids still live under the parents roof until they’re like 27. Let’s just have one production unit follow Johnny and one follow Meri. Think of all this content.

• Johnny working his ass off for Comeback Szn

• Meri dominating the DR

• Johnny getting hyped at some EDM show in Miami

• Meri just happens to land a guest modeling gig at some NYC show

• Johnny and the boys head from Miami to San Diego where George Whitfield has a secret workout regimen planned

You get the idea. We need more of these two.