FSU Player Gets Tripping Revenge On Grayson Allen


It’s about time somebody gave Grayson Allen a taste of his own medicine, right? I mean this kid has been out here for 3 years tripping people left and right and nobody did a thing about it. Yeah, he got suspended “indefinitely”, but I’m talking on the court. Somebody should have already¬†given Grayson a hard foul or two, along with a blatant national TV trip. This was waaaay overdue.

Last night it kind of happened. It’s hard to tell if this trip was intentional. I want it to be so bad, but it actually almost looks like Grayson tripped himself to get a call. I don’t care. I’m going to believe¬†what I want to believe and that is someone finally got him back.

So, Grayson Allen fake-tripped himself. Good catch by ESPN. #Duke pic.twitter.com/ziEvlr7su2

— Daniel Beyer (@danbeyeronfox) March 1, 2017

Here’s the best part… this was one of the original victims of Grayson’s tripping spree. You have to go way back to last season, when he was still a full on maniac during games.

February 2016… one of these original trips