This California Cop Better Be At The NFL Combine…Watch This Form Tackle!

Just how Roger Goodell wants NFL linebackers to tackle these days: Head up, wrap up, drive. The cop didn’t have to go forearm to the skull on this punk who was swinging a bat at the West Covina, California police station. This was textbook form tackling time.
According to the Whittier Daily News:

Christopher Rivas, 28 of West Covina, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest, officials said on Facebook.
Surveillance video taken at 10:18 a.m. shows a man police say was Rivas walking up to the front of the department and swinging at the windows with the aluminum bat several times.
Three women who sat in the lobby on the other side of the windows can be seen running to another area of the lobby.

The unnamed cop deserves recognition for this tackle. I’m talking a trip to the Combine. Put him through the process, let the teams decide if they want a bad ass representing their team.

This Jim Ross version:

Get out of here, weirdo

Let’s get some analysis from the experts:

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