Buy This Penn State Tailgating Short Bus — $2500

This is the time of year to get your tailgate mobile for next football season. We’re in the middle of February where nobody is thinking about college football and right now is when you’re going to get your best value. Anybody who is selling these things at this time of year is a sucker. If they’re smart they wait until late June-early July when everybody’s football juices are starting to get flowing.
So take advantage of this. Only $2500 bucks and you can be cruising to Penn State games in this custom short bus.

This is THE BUS as it was called while in use for tailgating at Penn State. There was an article about it in the Collegian. It runs great drives ok but it needs work. Frame needs welded secure and battery box also. Needs tires and I have 4 of them brand new. there is a large stereo system in it connects to ipod has oak flooring seats removed but still have them some are recovered white and blue. It will take some fixing up to be road ready. It will not pass inspection and if it did the price would be much higher. you can call with questions/offers 57zero75nine2373

Yes, Penn State is coming off that tough Rose Bowl loss, but let me tell you this: they’re going to be really good next year. This is going to be an investment that’s worth your while.

Additional pictures of the PSU bus


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