Michigan Recruit's Dad Dumps Harbaugh, Gets Job With Oregon Instead

Jim Harbaugh, a man who is desperate to beat Ohio State before he’s deemed a complete embarrassment to his alma mater and a man who’ll hire any family member necessary to land a recruit, was rejected today by Michael Johnson, the coach who was supposed to be joining Michigan as an analyst. He’s also the father of Michael Johnson Jr., supposedly the top dual-threat QB from the 2019 recruiting class, a kid that Michigan fans were lusting over.
Johnson Sr. was all set to restart life in Michigan. It was a done deal until it wasn’t a done deal and now Johnson Sr. is headed to Oregon as a wide receiver coach. That’s right, Jim Harbaugh was dumped at the last minute.
Michigan recruiting guru Sam Webb broke the news today after a Thursday news cycle where Paul Finebaum called out Harbaugh, then Harbaugh called out Finebaum, then this morning I called Harbaugh a scumbag and a disgrace to Michigan’s elite-ism. I got home from a radio hit and suddenly Johnson was headed to Oregon for a job.
Michigan fans say Oregon hiring Johnson proves that Michigan was just hiring a football guy. WRONG. It just proves they want the son worse than Michigan. Think about the trajectory here. Dad has been an offensive coordinator at the college level. Bet I know what job dad wants down the road when his kid hits the college game. Oregon played ball here. Clear as day.
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Conclusion: Harbaugh was using dad to get to the son. Now Oregon’s doing the same. I said it probably 20 times on the radio: Harbaugh’s a user. He’s used all the rap stars, Ric Flair, the ‘stars’ he had at Signing of the Stars, etc. Uses all of them in his attempt to beat Ohio State. USER. USER. USER.
Conclusion 2: Michigan losers need to quit acting like Johnson was being hired because of his track record. You’re talking about a guy Harbaugh didn’t retain when he took the 49ers job. Johnson was part of the Singletary staff. Could’ve kept him. Of course Michigan men can’t admit that Harbaugh is starting to bring shame to the Michigan Way. Do things the right way, Michigan. You’re better than this.

Yes, if he lands the son:

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Jim Harbaugh Dunks On Paul Finebaum By Calling Him "Pete" And An "SEC Water Carrier"