Arsenal Fan Seems Mad


What do Arsenal and Browns fans have in common? They’re both being tortured. I’m talking tortured to the point where they lose it on camera in front of the world. They’re broken individuals who keep getting tortured and keep coming back for more.

Take this fan above after Bayern Munich torched his club 5-1 on Wednesday.

Please stick with the video until Arsenal fan gets to where he goes off on Stan Kroenke. Stan is the club’s largest shareholder. Yeah, the same Stan who took the Rams to Los Angeles. The guy is loved by so many fans across the world.

Look, I feel this guy who is so angry. As a Bengals fan, I’ve been there. I’ve lived through dark times. I lived through the Steelers taking out Carson Palmer’s knee. I’ve also felt the pain over Mike Brown being a moron who’ll gladly sit on a billion dollar organization and milk the profits.

I’m so pro-let it all out. Get it off the chest. Drop multiple f-bombs. Love all of it. Love this video.

What drove Arsenal fan over the edge?


This is on Arsenal’s dot com:



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