Chad Kelly Doesn't Get Scouting Combine Invite, Mia Khalifa Burns Him (Again)

Walter Football has Ole Miss’ Chad Kelly listed as their ninth-best quarterback prospect, but surprisingly, he is not one of the 15 QBs participating in next month’s scouting combine.

According to BR’s Matt Miller, Chad can only blame himself for this as teams weren’t interested because of “off-field issues:”

So you’re telling me NFL teams are not interested in a guy who has done the following…
– Brawled at his brother’s HS football game
– Slid into Mia Khalifa’s DMs (twice) only to get torched
– Caught rolling Js
– Punched a bouncer and threaten to spray a bar with his AK-47
– Had multiple incidents with Clemson fans and coaches
And speaking of Miss Khalifa…she saw this latest Kelly L and unloaded on the guy yet again:

Free shirt this time around, though:

Johnny Manziel Grinding Away in His Pats Beanie
Johnny Manziel Grinding Away in His Pats Beanie