Valentine’s Day Ladies, Big Show In The Gym, Ric Flair’s Titles Vs. Tom Brady’s Rings

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While we’re talking about the Russians working over Flynn & our government…let’s talk about…

…how the Russians have a hack for casino slot machines and casinos don’t seem to have a fix for this hack. ALARMING, right? Wired ran a story last week on how Russians are infiltrating the slot machines and rigging the system to their advantage. A shadowy character would hold his iPhone close to a slot, he’d walk away, come back and start winning money in the $1,300 range. Over the course of two days, his winnings tallied just over $21,000. The only odd thing about his behavior during his streaks was the way he’d hover his finger above the Spin button for long stretches before finally jabbing it in haste; typical slots players don’t pause between spins like that. That should keep you busy today while at work.

Numbers from :

818 = number of days since @UConnWBB lost a game #100andcounting

— Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) February 14, 2017

This Way Out®:

"This bitch…"

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 14, 2017