Patriots Fan & IG Model Emma Hernan Celebrates Super Bowl Title


I was extremely hard on IG models Monday morning when I said they were suddenly all Patriots fans and how it seemed odd. You know, in a bandwagon kinda way. My feed was suddenly filled with dozens of random IG models who never wear football gear…in Pats gear like they’ve been fans their entire lives.

Never forget, fellas. IG models love winners. Want to succeed in life? Never be a loser.

Cruising IG this morning…incredible how many IG models are suddenly Patriots fans. Out of nowhere.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 6, 2017

This is where I have to apologize to IG model Emma Hernan. She’s a Pats fan, but she’s a legit Pats fan. I hate to lump her into the pack of bandwagon IG models. Not Emma. I begrudginly went through her IG feed and saw that she’s a Pats fan from way back. Multiple pics.

And…like I’ve always preached…she has a Patriots modeling series. Brilliant move. So here’s to Emma Hernan, a Real Patriots Fan. Congrats.

Just taunting Roger! Love it.

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