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The NFL needs a team in Vegas and the Raiders aren’t giving up

You’ve probably heard now that the Raiders lost their investors for a new stadium in Vegas. Goldman Sachs and Adelson dipped out so now they’re starting completely over in looking for the rest of the money to build a stadium. This has to happen. Vegas needs the NFL and the NFL needs Vegas. Sorry Oakland fans, but it’s a perfect fit and I think it’ll be the first (of many) steps towards the eventual legalization of sports betting. The Raiders say they aren’t giving up yet: “The Nevada Legislature has approved $750 million in tax funding for construction of the stadium, which would be home to the Raiders and UNLV football team, if the Raiders can provide their share — $500 million — of the funding. If the private funding doesn’t come through, UNLV would have two years to raise $200 million toward the cost of building a scaled-down stadium. That funding would be matched with state tax revenue. If UNLV came up short in its fundraising, the tax dollars approved by the Legislature would go toward paying off bonds for expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hill said that under the deal approved by the Legislature, officials have 15 1/2 months to make the deal happen. “We stand ready and will continue to work with the Raiders,” he said. “We have a committed partner, and we will continue to work to make this happen.””

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