The Keys To Winning Big In The Superbowl–Written By A Degenerate, For Degenerates

There’s a large portion of BC readers who are probably going to bet on the Super Bowl one way or another. Super Bowl LI is biggest football game of the year, it’s a chance to bet against the Patriots, and this cold weather has got us hoping to take a trip someplace warm with the money we’ll win. Plus how else are we going to fund our March Madness run if we don’t make some moolah now?
But rather than head to Vegas to drop some serious cash before even making it to the sports books, this year we’re using to win big. Unlike some other betting sites, is an industry-leader in the gambling game and pays out its customers the fastest. Signups are fast, easy, and when you use our referral code “BUSTED” you’ll score a 50% bonus on your first deposit.

In order to give us the best shot at hitting it big, we’ve been doing some extra-curricular reading about some of the biggest winning Super Bowl tickets. Some of sports gambling is luck, but it’s also about taking risks, going against the odds, and trusting your gut. Unless you’re Floyd Mayweather, chances are that you won’t be able to put down enough money to justify throwing down on the Patriots money line (currently sitting at -155 on
Our suggestion? Embrace the inner-degenerate and find those prop bets you can live with. Here are some of our favorites this year:

Bet Safe With Safeties

Let’s start with one of the prop bets that has been very kind to people in the recent past: safeties.
You might not remember the 2012 Super Bowl, but it was the last time that the Giants and the Patriots played in the big game. Oddsmakers had the chance that the first score of the game would be a Giants safety at 50-1 (which honestly seems too low for my tastes) and some ballsy individual, named Jona Rechnitz, put down $1K. Guess what happened… Tom Brady threw the ball away in his own end zone, was called for intentional grounding, and the Giants earned a safety, earning this guy $50,000.
Here’s Jona’s ticket:

Two years later, Jona Rechnitz does the exact same thing and bets $500 on a Seattle safety being the first score of the game. In the first quarter, the Denver Broncos center hikes the ball high, it sails over Peyton Manning’s massive forehead, and the first play of the game is a Seattle safety. If you can’t Rechnitz cashes in another $25K just like that.
Here’s his second ticket:

Jona did everything right except for one small fact: both times he donated all of his winnings to charity. A noble decision, sure, but I’d rather spend that on Mrs. BC, Little BC and Little Little BC.
Is the first scoring play a safety?
Patriots Safety: +4000
Falcons Safety: +4000
Our pick: Take the odds here and pick which team you think is going to get the ball first. Even if you bet small, the truth is that you’ll win huge if this pays off. Think warm, happy beach vacation thoughts.

The National Anthem

The odds aren’t really good enough for us to bet on Luke Bryan singing the National Anthem, so the over/under of 127.5 seconds (via MyBookie) isn’t really doing it for us.
If we had a gun to our head, we’re taking the over, though, because Luke’s someone who’d want to celebrate (or seem like he’s celebrating) the United States of America for as long as possible.
National Anthem Over/Under at 127.5 seconds
Over: -125
Under: -105
Our pick: Avoid this one

Lady Gaga Halftime Show

Lady Gaga performing the halftime show is probably making Roger Goodell shiver in his boots, considering how outspoken she’s been against President Trump. There’s almost no question that she’s going to do something to protest the POTUS, but the biggest question is whether or not she’ll actually say his name out loud.
Right now, there are straight odds on whether she says the word “Trump,” but don’t get caught like a sucker. While there’s no question she’ll do something, it’s going to be a lot more subtle Lady Gaga saying Trump’s name. People who despise him (aka Lady Gaga) have made it a point not to say his name in public.
Will Lady Gaga say “Trump” during the Super Bowl halftime show?
Yes: -105 
No: -125
Our pick: No.

Johnny Super Bowl

It wouldn’t be BustedCoverage article without some mention of our boy Johnny Manziel, who of course has been posting about his road to recovery on Snapchat and everything else he gets his hands on. So when we learned that MyBookie had odds on whether or not Manziel would get arrested over the weekend, we had to do a little digging.
Do we believe that Manziel is serious about getting sober? Sure, but we also realize that other people see his previous problems as an opportunity for a get-rich quick scheme, so there’s a very real chance that some a**hole tries to start something.
Will Johnny Manziel be arrested over SuperBowl 51 Weekend?
Yes: +600
No:  -1400
Our pick: Yes. There are too many outliers and wildcards not to take this bet.

Looking to go big gambling this year? Skip the flight and hotels to Vegas and do what we’re doing. Bet with They’re the industry leader in online gambling who pay out their winners as soon as possible. Even better, if you sign up with the referral code “BUSTEDyou get a bonus 50% on your first deposit.

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