The Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl According To The Pooch Predictor Race


Congrats, Patriots fans, it looks like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are going to hoist their 5th Lombardi Trophy next Sunday in what will be a blowout win. And by blowout I mean the Falcons aren’t even going to make it onto the field. The Super Bowl Pooch Predictor race took place yesterday for the 20th time and the Patriots greyhound took the victory uncontested.

No need to watch the game anymore, you can enjoy your Sunday now. I just saved you 5 hours. The Pooch Predictor is now 14 for 20 when picking this game, and those are pretty good odds if you ask me. Go watch the Puppy Bowl instead.

#Patriots greyhound crosses the finish line uncontested in @PBKennelClub's 2017 "Pooch Predictor" Race! #SuperBowl

— GreyhoundNews (@GreyhoundNews) January 28, 2017

@BustedCoverage Pats uncontested in @PBKennelClub Pooch Predictor. Correct 14/20 yrs! Vid:

— GreyhoundNews (@GreyhoundNews) January 29, 2017

Super Bowl 50 Pooch Predictor

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