Man Stabs and Kills Brother After Packers-Cowboys Game

Inviting a bunch of friends and family over to your place this weekend for the AFC and NFC Championship games? If so, you might want to go ahead and hide any potential objects that can be used as a weapon in case someone blows a fuse.
This advisory comes on the heels of a fatal brother-on-brother crime that occurred after last Sunday’s tight Packers-Cowboys game. According to News3LV, Justin Boyer (Cowboys fan) got into a shouting match with his brother, Robert (Packers fan), shortly after Mason Crosby ruined Super Bowl aspirations for the state of Texas.

Friends were reportedly able to separate the two, but a physical altercation ensued and led to Robert stabbing his brother in self defense:

Close friends of the brothers say the yelling was over the outcome of the Cowboys vs. Packers playoff game. A roommate separated the brothers but police say Justin came back and physically attacked his brother. That’s when police say Robert feared for his life and stabbed Justin.
Robert Lewis says he found Justin Boyer with multiple stab wounds at his front door. The stabbing happened across the street at Robert Boyer’s home. Friends say Justin was visiting from North Dakota.

That’s now two Cowboys-related stabbings in the past month — chill out people.

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