Drunk 49ers Fan Reminds Seahawks Fans They Only Have One Championship

What do you when you show up to a meaningless Week 17 game and your squad is a Browns-esque 2-14? For 49ers fans the answer is an easy one: you get super hammered and revel in how awesome the past was — and take some shots at Seahawks fans sitting near you.

As you can see below, drunk 49ers fan was all about weighing his five Super Bowl titles against the Seahawks’ one. He even had a visual prop with his very cool leather jacket:
[protected-iframe id=”2e1011e6dab7116eaebf7ef67ba6bf77-22577676-53282995″ info=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BOv_J_fBt4w/embed/captioned” width=”400″ height=”505″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
We’re guessing that guy is only feeling more confident after Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke were sacked.

Chip Kelly-Trent Baalke Fired Memes
Chip Kelly-Trent Baalke Fired Memes