Cowboys Fan Brags About Win, Posts On Facebook, Stepson Murders Her, Cops Allege

Austin police say¬†Pontrey Jones murdered his stepmom after she gloated about the Cowboys victory over the Buccaneers. The murder allegedly took place at about 10:40, just 12 minutes after Maggie Ruiz posted “WAY TO GO DALLAS” on Facebook.
That’s when this happened, according to the arrest affidavit:

Jones told officers he had initially decided to break his little sister’s neck, but after changing his mind he had “developed a plan against” the victim, stashing a black-handled knife in the living room couch.
Police say Jones’ father and the victim watch the Cowboys game on the couch and, when the game was done and Jones had returned from getting fresh air, he noticed the victim was “disrespecting his father and gloating about how the Cowboys won the game.”
According to police, that’s Jones retrieved the knife, walked behind the couch, lunged over Ruiz and stabbed her multiple times. Her husband intervened to stop the attack and Jones then fled the apartment.

I did a little research on Pontrey’s Facebook account and it’s my blogger opinion that Pontrey seemed to be trouble. Not sure what’s up with the scary clowns or gang signs with the big teddy bear.

Pontrey Jones Arrest Mugshot:

Stepmom & Pontrey’s dad:

Pontrey during better times:

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