The Brownie Elf is Having Some Issues Today


You have to hand it to the hapless Cleveland Browns: they’re doing everything they can possibly do to generate some points.

Laterals after a blocked PAT? So close to getting two points!

Mike Nugent’s kick is blocked!

… and then this happened:

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) December 11, 2016

A flea flicker from their own endzone? Ballsy, but still a horrible idea:

The Cleveland Browns & RG3 just tried a flea flicker from the end zone, into triple coverage.

— Steve Noah (@Steve_OS) December 11, 2016

Basically a lot of effort from the Browns today to no avail. Even Brownie the Elf is hustling out there, but he’s having issues of his own:

Brownie falling on his face going for ball just summed up Browns' season

— Dellavedova Facts (@DellyFact) December 11, 2016

Bonus Browns dysfunction: Barnidge not even looking for the ball.

Browns football: never on the same page

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) December 11, 2016