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Dolphins Fans Gang Up On 49ers Dad During Wild Fight At Sunday’s Game


Just as I thought would happen as the calendar got deep into November and December. We were due for a big NFL brawl and it happened Sunday at Joe Robbie when Dolphins fans went at it with Steelers fan and then went nuts on 49ers fan. But there’s so much more to this brawl. So many little things I instantly noticed during the first viewing. I haven’t even really dug deep. Haven’t started trying to figure out when Dolphins fan throws towards the field after the brawl.

Here’s the report from the uploader:

A brawl broke out on November 27, 2016 between essentially 2 drunk Miami Dolphins fans and 2 San Francisco 49ers fans in section 334. With the score fairly close at 31-24 with 2 minutes to go the disgusting Miami Dolphins fans were getting pretty tight and decided to pick out a couple guys to beat on to vent their frustration. Anti semitic comments can be overheard. Stadium security never found the attackers.

Before we go any further, I need to thank the camera guy for shooting this horizontal. Makes screencapping so much easier.

Now for things I noticed during the fight:

  1. The stache is coming in real nice, but you never read my rules to fighting at a sporting event. You can never get a fair fight when you’re down a row from your opponent. Total reach advantage, especially to dad muscles. Also love the dude rocking the blonde stache. Reminds me of Dayton, Ohio in 1991.


2. Great necklace from Dolphins dad.

3. Dad drives a Bud Light aluminum bottle into Troy’s face. Again, very rare.

4. Little kid’s just trying to get some sleep.


5. Semi-clean right


6. Concerned superfan just wants everyone to get along.


7. Massive cans


8. Grown ass man wearing receiver gloves with woman who has massive cans


9. Massive knot?


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