FBI: Cowboys Fan Won’t Stop Robbing Banks In Baltimore



The Cowboys Bank Robber has struck again in Baltimore, according to the FBI. That makes 7 banks in 2(!) months that have been popped, all of those believed to be the work of the Cowboys Bank Robber. And the guy is alleged to have pulled off three robberies LAST WEEK!

From CBS Baltimore:

With no disguise — he’s been caught clearly on surveillance video every time.

“They’re really good quality. He’s not making any attempt to cover his face. And we believe that somebody’s going to see this, they’re going to know who it is,” said Assistant Special Agent Scott Hinckley, FBI Baltimore.

The string of robberies started October 19th at BB&T Bank in Pikesville. Soon after, the suspect hit banks in Parkville, Harbor East, Fells Point, Locus Point and now, Linthicum.

Each time, the FBI tells WJZ, the robber claims to be armed — and although he’s never shown a weapon, he’s considered dangerous.

“It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when someone calls in and says this is who it is and then we’ll go get this guy off the streets,” said Assistant Special Agent Hinckley.

I’m super shocked someone in Baltimore hasn’t turned in their boy yet. First of all, he’s going around disrespecting the local team like this by wearing Cowboys gear. Not cool. Second, you have to think someone out there wants the reward money for some Black Friday deals. No way you can have great pics like this and Boys fan isn’t caught. Someone will snitch and he’ll miss the Super Bowl run. The Cowboys now have a 19% probability of winning the Super Bowl and 98% probability of at least making it.

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