Tristan Thompson Reportedly Dumped Khloe Kardashian After Getting Teased By Teammates

Through nine games, the Cleveland Cavaliers have handled the Kardashian Kurse quite well. They’re still the class in the Eastern Conference with an 8-1 record, and now, they can really turn up because Khloe Kardashian is reportedly out of the picture.
Per MediaTakeout, Tristan Thompson and Khloe broke up after Cavs players dropped a new nickname on their rebounding machine: spoke with the significant other of a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and she tells us that Tristan and Khloe have “broken up.”
The insider explained to MTO, “Everyone was [teasing] Tristan calling him ‘Kardashian’ in the locker room.” Tristan reportedly did NOT like his new nickname, and it caused stress on his relationship with Khloe.

Quite possibly the most hilarious reason for a breakup if this report is true. It is worth noting that neither Tristan nor Khloe have yet to scrub each other off their respective Instagram pages, so we don’t want to say the relationship is dead just yet.
However, Khloe did drop some long caption on Instagram Sunday about getting rid of “toxic people” in her life. Keep an eye out at The Q for us, Cavs fans.
[Khloe Kardashian- IG]

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