Clemson Fan Peyton Said She Would Get “Lock Her Up” Ass Tat If Trump Won, Needs To Pay Up



It’s time for everyone to start paying up now that the election is over. It’s time for celebrities to head north to Canada where the freedom from Trump reigns. It’s time for Trump supporters to pay up as well. Take Clemson Peyton. She made this proclamation just before Trump was named President that she would get a Hillary “Lock Her Up” tribute ass tat if Don could pull it off.

Now…it’s time to pay up. You can’t just go making these statements and then not get the ass tat. That’s not how this works. We’re living vicariously off of people who are willing to make claims and then pay up. That’s worth 1000X the street cred if you go through with it.

Peyton’s words:
Ahh, but Peyton’s not going to do it unless someone pays for it.

Time for a GoFundMe:

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