Cal Is Giving Away A ‘Marshawn Lynch Driving The Injury Cart’ Bobblehead Tonight



Please try and find me a better bobblehead than Marshawn driving the injury cart. I dare you, I double dare you. It’s not going to happen, you know why? Because this is the greatest bobblehead ever made.

For those who are out of the loop, way back in 2006 when Marshawn Lynch was still at Cal, they beat Washington in OT and Beast Mode cruised around the field on one of those injury carts they keep on the sideline. It’s a hilarious video that you have to watch to get the context.

Just whippin’ the thing all over the place. Now we’re 10 years in the future and finally Cal has made this into a bobblehead. Not only that, they announced it with this dope Dr. Dre video.

It”s a must get bobblehead. One that will go down in history and I refuse to believe there’s a better one out there.

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