Scumbag Indiana Student Beats Skunk to Death



I’m guessing when most people see a skunk nearby they do everything possible to avoid getting drenched by its dreaded spray. But not Indiana student Andrew Baldini, who went berserk on a skunk after it made a cameo during a fraternity basketball game.

The details from Fox 59:

According to police, a fraternity house on the Bloomington campus has been having problems with skunks.

Last Friday, some of the fraternity members were playing basketball when a skunk walked across the court.

Police say Andrew Baldini picked up a shovel and hit the skunk. The skunk was injured by the blow and limped away.

Baldini followed the skunk and hit it several more times with the shovel, killing it on a public sidewalk on East 3rd Street.

Yeah… those extra (and unnecessary) kill shots aren’t alarming at all.

[H/t to TFM]

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