Jim Harbaugh Enjoyed “F–k Jim Harbaugh” Chants From Michigan State Fans



Is Jim Harbaugh a douche? Yes, he’s a douche with one of the biggest acts in college football. It’s like a blogger who lives one way online and then another away from the computer. I get it. I completely understand that Jim has to be relatable to the high school kids as much as a 52 year old can be. Hey, the guy is about to become a father again. Relatability. That’s why Notre Dame recruits think Brian Kelly is a jerkoff. They don’t want to relate to some blowhard who has never won anything.

But he hangs with the rappers, drinks milk with steak for the social media value and throws a massive signing day party for high school kids. Content. The glasses. The glove at Wrigley. Keep it churning. Never let the kids think you’re missing a beat. Never miss a chance to be a social influencer.

That leads me to Jimmy trolling Michigan State fans for hating him, getting so emotional over Saturday’s loss. Even though he’s a douche, I like this out of Harbaugh.

First, the “F–k Jim Harbaugh” chants:

How do some social influencer’s handle fans telling them to f–k off? You troll right back at them. Old internet move.

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