Tony Romo's Spine Is The Best Sports Halloween Costume This Year

It’s always fun to see what good sports Halloween costumes come about each year. It’s important to be topical, but not too corny, and also original. Last year, there were about a million Jim Harbaugh’s that went to Halloween parties.
Originality is actually the most important. Every girl went as Harley Quinn this year. Dudes probably dressed as Donald Trump or something. Those are just easy and unoriginal. But one out of a thousand costumes I see, it’s actually something creative and funny. This year’s winner goes to the guy dressed up as Tony Romo’s spine.
Yup, he dressed up as an actual spinal cord with a crack in it and a “Tony Romo’s Spine” label. Now that is a good 2016 costume.

Dallas’ scariest Halloween costume: Tony Romo’s spine

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