LEEBS Ejected From Game 1 Of The World Series



The legend, LEEBS, has been ejected from Game 1 of the World Series, according to BC sources on the ground at Jacobs Field where Sierra and the legend were enjoying the game from behind the Cubs dugout. Apparently Leebs started some sort of ruckus and stadium security was called in to handle the incredibly wealthy steel magnate. One thing led to another and Leebs was escorted out of the World Series. Top photo via @BigSexyCLE.

By now you know the Leebs story so I won’t bother rattling off the best of Leebs. You know he carries limes for luck and got himself a hot model girlfriend. Leebs has been well documented on BC.

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Let’s go right to the details thanks to T.D. Dery (@TD1TribeKU)


Must be the older ladies that Leebs was flirting with:


Girlfriend Sierra checking her tweets & IGs:



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