Indians Fans Brought Goats Downtown To Torture Cubs Fans



As I’ve found over the last nine years of blogging, you really haven’t dealt with fans until you deal with Cleveland fans. There was the death threat stage. There was the Cavs celebration stage where they loved BC again because I supported the Cavs. There was the stage where I infiltrated the Muni Lot in a Weeden jersey to see if the tailgating was as legendary as I’d always heard. There was the stage when they hated me because they thought I was picking on Johnny. There was the stage where they thanked me for the Johnny coverage because it ended Johnny’s Cleveland run.

One thing is constant with Cleveland fans: they’re never boring.

Take today for example. Indians fans brought goats to downtown Cleveland to torture the Cubs and their fans.

Alan Mancuso was one of those fans who brought a goat to the big city. From

Mancuso and his wife Beth have three goats at their Ohio City home. While at church on Sunday, his friend Mark Duskey suggested they perform their own goat curse, he said.

Mancuso, 47, a lifelong Indians fan, agreed.

“I thought my wife would nix the idea,” but she agreed, he said.

So with the help of his daughter, Duskey’s son and another friend, they lifted CC and Stardust into the back of Duskey’s minivan. They threw in some hay to keep them happy and headed downtown.

They took the goats out at several entrances around the field to remind the baseball gods about the curse. The goats, chomping happily, walked by the gates and the main plaza by the Bob Feller statue.

And there you go. You have a national story. You have others bringing their goats. Cleveland is suddenly loaded with goats and $100 parking. It’s all happening right now in Cleveland and it’s the crazy content city it’s always been for BC. Do you, Cleveland.

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