BC i-Team Investigation: Who Is Zeke Elliott's New Girlfriend?

It appears new NFL hero, Ezekiel Elliott, has a new girlfriend and he semi-revealed her at the LSU game Saturday night in Baton Rouge. This is where the trail goes cold. Zeke has yet to make this IG or Snap official and now we’re on the case because the NFL is a complete clusterfuck this season and we need a new guy to be the face of a league that held on to old heroes too long — Peyton Manning comes to mind — and now the league is about as stale as Ohio State’s offense at Penn State.
We need new faces, dammit. We need new heroes of the night and Zeke Elliott seems to be ready to carry that torch, Juvenile shirt and all in Death Valley.
Now comes the shouldn’t be that hard part: Who is Zeke Elliott’s new girlfriend? We have the BC i-Team scouring our sources to figure out if this new dime is IG verified or if she’s just some new hot chick to the scene and is ready to blow up.
Let us know if you have a lead: [email protected] or slide into the DMs on Twitter @bustedcoverage.

Video of Ezekiel Elliott and new girlfriend at LSU:

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