Paulina Gretzky And Dustin Johnson Go For Round 2 In Vegas

Another morning, another unreal Paulina Gretzky Snapchat story to wake up to. All we had to do was wait for the PGA season to end and now we have Paulina back to her old self. Her social media game took a dive over the summer, but we can officially say she’s back. Yesterday we posted the video of her pole dancing in a club in Vegas, then she rallied and went for round 2 last night.

I don’t know what these two are celebrating, neither of their birthdays are close. I guess just when you’re super duper rich and good looking, this is the life you lead. Back to back nights in the VIP at a huge Vegas club just for the F of it. And it’s not even Friday and Saturday. Just two random nights in the middle of the week to blow off some steam. Love these two, keep em coming, Paulina.

Paulina Gretzky Did Some Dancing Last Night
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