PornHub Offers Chad Kelly a Date With an Adult Film Star


Chad Kelly has been publicly crushed by Mia Khalifa a couple times now, but it looks like a website everyone is secretly fond of has taken it upon themselves to tutor the Ole Miss quarterback on the art of picking up women — PornHub!

Seriously. PornHub’s Corey Price apparently can’t stand to watch a quarterback fail so hard at something that should come easy, so he’s offering him a date with an adult film star to brush up on the basics:

PornHub has offered Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly a date with an adult film star.

The “offer” is good after he graduates in case of NCAA issues.

— Dr. Saturday (@YahooDrSaturday) October 18, 2016


Shoutout to PornHub on being aware of the stupid NCAA guidelines players must abide by.

As for the actual offer, Chad should absolutely take them up on the offer once he gets out of Ole Miss.