The Infamous Browns QB Jersey Makes Its Triumphant Return In Nashville

The Browns failed quarterback jersey is one of the most famous things to come out of Cleveland. Right alongside LeBron James and Jim Brown sits the custom Tim Couch jersey riddled with all of the failed Browns QB’s over the years.
However, back in June, the creator of the original jersey decided he would retire it after the Cavs won the NBA title. This was from ESPN:

Inspired by the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ NBA championship, the owner of the iconic jersey is retiring it.
“It’s a new day in Cleveland,” Tim Brokaw of the advertising agency Brokaw, Inc., wrote in an email. “We want to be a part of that.”
Brokaw is the jersey’s creator and owner. He regularly displayed the jersey in the window of his agency, adding a new quarterback’s name on duct tape as the list trailed to the ground. It had the names of all the Browns’ 24 quarterback starters since 1999, but it doesn’t anymore.

But today, the jersey has returned and it’s glorious. It was only right. Robert Griffin got hurt (of course) in the first game of the season and was immediately placed on IR. That meant rookie Cody Kessler became the starting QB along with a mix of Terrelle Pryor here and there.
When that goes down, you have to bring back the jersey, and while it’s not the original, it’s still great.

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