Bears Fan Unloads On Jaguars Fan, Jags Fans Gang Up On Old Timer

“You get down?” Jags fan asks Bears old timer, obviously meaning does he drop the gloves. “Go fuck yourself prick,” Bears old timer says before launching an impressive overhand right that drops Jags fan. Welcome to another week of NFL action between fans. This one has a little bit of everything that you’re looking for in fan fights.
Bears fan talks his shit. Jags fan talks his shit. Jags fan gets lit up. Jags fan’s buddies gang up on Bears fan and curb stomp him.
You’d think that TV viewing would be up instead of sinking since it’s nearly impossible for a parent to take a kid to a game these days.
In case you care, the Jags won the game 17-16.
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Not sure what was going on here, but it appears that it was a busy day at Soldier Field.

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