Buy This Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Short Bus — $2,500

Finding a tailgate vehicle midseason for a team leading their division can be a tough undertaking. But luckily for Seahawks fans in the market, the “Thunder Bus” short bus above is for sale for just $2,500.
According to the current owner, “life happens,” which is why he’s looking to unload the bus after seven years of ownership. The mileage on it is unknown but you’re probably willing to take a shot at the low price point.
Additional details from the Craigslist ad:

We are selling the Seahawks tailgate bus. After 7 years of fond memories it is time that she belong to someone more able to utilize her shear awesomeness. Life happens and we are not able to make it to many games in time to tailgate appropriately. So if you always wanted a Seahawks tailgate bus….this is your chance. All new floor and carpet. new battery, new headlights .Un-known milage as the gauge only does 100k. Runs ok enough to make it to the home games and back again…..I wouldn’t road trip to San Francisco though. Clean title.

So roadtrips to the Bay Area out of the question — no big deal. You don’t want to get attacked by those angry 49ers fans anyway.

Chris Long is the Only Athlete Ken Bone Follows on Twitter
Chris Long is the Only Athlete Ken Bone Follows on Twitter