Ken Bone’s Hot Wife, Staffords Step Out After Big Win & Pageviews Gets Wanded


Your Vegas hotel bill is about to go up to finance…

…the future Vegas Raiders stadium and the tax will come from hotel room taxes after the Nevada legislature OK’d $750 million in funds for the stadium. How much will it increase your Vegas hotel bill? Don’t know that yet. Does it really matter? You’re already eating $40 pizzas and drinking $15 yards of watered down frozen margaritas. There are more steps before it’s go time for the stadium, but this should make it pretty much official that we’re about to get NFL action in Vegas, which I’ve been on record as saying this is a great idea and I can’t wait for the Super Bowl to roll into town. I’ll gladly slum it at some downtown casino for the Super Bowl. Don’t care. That would be an insane seven days or so.

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