Arkansas Professor Was Arrested For Yelling “F*** You” At Bret Bielema



Let me introduce you to Lawton Nalley. He’s apparently a die hard Arkansas Razorbacks fan who, understandably, was pissed after last night’s game. Alabama came to town and put a Nick Saban beatdown on the Hogs with a 49-30 score, but trust me, it wasn’t that close.

After the game, when our boy Bret Bielema was walking into the locker room, Lawton yelled an array of F-bombs in his direction and was eventually arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.


And here’s the best part of the story: the guy is a professor of agriculture at Arkansas. Yep, here’s exactly what he said:

“If I had your record, I’d be f—-ing fired. F— you.”

That is our leaders of higher education, folks. He’s just a die-hard college football fan like the rest of us. I can’t blame him, that smile says it all.

[h/t Gridiron Now]


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