Meet TCU Cheerleader Chandler Jordan


You guys know the rules around here for us to post standalone college cheerleader posts — the cheerleader has to either be dating a guy on the team or have a shotgun photo in her IG collection. Preferably both. Chandler Jordan, a TCU cheerleader, doesn’t seem to be dating a member of the Horned Frogs team, but she does have the requisite shotgun photo. BOOM — you get posted.

This isn’t just some sort of show. Chandler has another photo in her collection with her dad on a boat and dad is posing with a hammerhead shark he caught. I know, you’re in love with Chandler. I figured as much.

More from Chandler’s bio:

• Senior

• Business school

• ΔΓ

• World traveler

• Fairly active on Twitter (@chandlerjordan3), which is rare these days for college cheerleaders