Iowa Hawkeye Fans Got Very Angry During The Northwestern Game

It’s tough to be an Iowa fan these days. They had an improbable run to the Big Ten Championship last year, and then this year have taken a giant dump all over their fans. They came into the season ranked #17, then in week 3 lost to North Dakota State in heartbreaking fashion, and now it looks like they’re going to fall to Northwestern.
So this means the fans have something to say now. Whether it was at the refs or at the team in general, Hawkeye fans have not been happy today.

There’s one bird. Can I get a second?

Annnnd there it is! People are angry in Iowa. It’s pretty hard to make those hardworking people in the heart of our country mad, but this college football team has done it.
Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Hawkeye fan?

UPDATE: Iowa lost and now the fans are throwing bottles on the field 

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