Meet Bama Fan Ella — She Wants To Work On TV

Ella Briscoe has a couple of things going for her this fall — the Cubs and Bama are pretty good. Brisco’s a student at the University of Alabama and is just the kind of star we’re looking for to carry BC and the internet through the fall. It’s starting to feel a little stale around here. We need a breakout star to spice things up a little bit.

Ella has a couple of things going for her that could lead to a breakout. She has a TV background and seems to party. We need Ella. The Internet needs Ella. Ella’s future career needs us.

More from Ella Briscoe file:

• Communications and Media Studies major; looks like she wants on-air TV job

• Seems to be on a friendly basis with Matt Lauer and Jesse Watters

• Cubs fan

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