Saints Fan Uses Live News Broadcast To Share His Thoughts On Sean Payton's Play Calling

Saints fans have a reason to be upset these days. They’re 0-3, their defense might be the worst defense in NFL history (a little exaggeration, but not really), and the GM spends money like a drunken sailor. Seriously, they have $40 million of dead cap space right now going to guys not even their roster.
And after all of those things that are going wrong with the Saints, this fan flipped the script on us. He didn’t crash this live broadcast to complain about the defense or GM. Nope, he used this platform to complain about the play calling.
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I really respect this guy’s mission to let the world know how bad Payton’s play calling was. He didn’t stop yelling when one of the reporters pushed him out of the way and was going to keep yelling about it until they went to a commercial break. He was getting his point across one way or another.
I get it, though. A frustrating loss on Monday Night Football can trigger these feelings.

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