Buy Cal Ripken Jr's Maryland Mansion — $12.5 Million

If you told me you could get a house with a full indoor basketball court, a full baseball field, a batting cage, and an enormous gym for only around $12 million, I would tell you you’re crazy. But somehow, that’s what Cal Ripken is selling his ridiculous house in Maryland for and it features all of those things.
I don’t know much about real estate and how it’s priced out, but that seems low to me.
Here’s some more details from the realtor:

Rarely does such a noteworthy and memorable home become available. This secluded property is being offered by the iconic Cal Ripken Jr. Custom built in 1985, then completely renovated again in the late 1990’s, the 25-acre luxury estate exemplifies elegance and beautifully captures the essence of refined country living.

Oh yeah, you’re sitting on 25 acres of land so you can basically do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want and nobody is going to bother you. Invite a bunch of buddies over and play some pickup hoops, then head over to the diamond and play 9 innings. And afterwards, if that’s not enough, hit the pool to relax. This place is insane.

More Features From Cal’s House

  • 6 beds / 12.5 baths / 25,000 Sq. Ft
  • I forgot to mention, there’s a goal post in the outfield to practice kicking field goals
  • The basketball gym has a locker room and full training facility
  • Also a giant theater room in the basement

Mortgage: $63,690 per month

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