2016 NFL Season Special: Sexiest Fans of the NFC

It’s cold in Green Bay, hot in Tampa Bay, and wet in Seattle.
The NFC has a wide range of teams covering just about every inch of the country. The fans come from all over to root for their teams on Sundays too. In New Orleans, football isn’t just a game, it’s something you are born into and being a true Saints fan means becoming a part of the team. The Cowboys do everything bigger and the Redskins have one of the toughest tickets to get a hold of.
All of the fun and excitement that these fans encounter every Sunday is mainly because they are all part of a family, their team’s family. The NFC has a connection with its’ fans that no other conference in any other sport has, or ever did. That same connection has turned women into the biggest fans of them all, starting with Seattle.
For some reason, ever since the Seahawks started winning, their female fans have come out in droves. It has started a trend of beautiful female fans showing off their support for their favorite NFC teams and you can all thank social media for the influx in beautiful ladies.
Here are the sexiest fans of the NFC.

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