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Saban Killed Tupac, Bama Girls In The Grove & A Bunch Of Fun Browns Fans


NFL Playoff Probabilities are in and the Vikings have highest probability of winning the Super Bowl

So we can go ahead and say that the Vikings aren’t going to win the Super Bowl even though has them listed as the favorites. Peterson’s now dealing with a knee injury. Sam Bradford is a couple of snaps away from getting hurt and the Packers still have Rodgers. On the AFC side, the Patriots are the favorite to go to Houston for the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Steelers are 2-0 and get the Patriots, Cowboys and Giants at home. Folks, I hate to say this, the Steelers might win 13 games. Look at the schedule. Get to the casino and take the Steelers as Super Bowl champions right now. That win yesterday pretty much clinched the AFC North.

Numbers from :

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