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LSU Tailgate Featured Some Serious Fight Club Action; 3 Arrested


It was Fight Club day on Saturday at the Parade Grounds at LSU where the predominantly under-30 crowd gets lit up on booze before making the trek to Tiger Stadium for the game against Mississippi State. I’ve spent a couple of Saturdays on the Parade Grounds and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in tailgating. It’s a full-on rager right in the middle of campus and it’s pretty much a self-policing society where LSU bros go nuts for several hours.

Here we see #10 going fist-to-fist with fellow LSU bros in one of the more brutal Parade Grounds brawls you’ll ever see. There’s more Parade Grounds news below. It sounds like the weather was real good for fighting.

Update: Looks like LSU fans dumped beer on LSU kid after the TKO.

In what appears to be a separate incident, these three bros were arrested for kicking some guy’s ass after they were asked to leave a tailgate party.

From the Baton Rouge Advocate:

Around 6 p.m. Saturday, LSU police responded to a fight at the Parade Ground. Two witnesses told police that James Baggett, 18, John Baggett, 22, and Joseph Manuel, 18, had attempted to start a fight with a group there, an LSU police report says.

After being asked to leave the area, the three men started fighting with two people, the report says. One of the victims injured his ankle and told officers he was in “extreme pain” and could not stand on his left foot, the report says. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

LSU is now 2-1, they’re using a Purdue transfer at QB and have one SEC victory. All hope is not lost down there.

lsu-fight-arrested-mugshot-1 lsu-fight-arrested-mugshot-2 lsu-fight-arrested-mugshot-3

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