Yao Ming Makes An Allen Iverson Practice Joke During His Hall of Fame Speech

The Basketball Hall of Fame ceremony is on tonight, if you can believe that. Trust me, I didn’t know either. Could a sport as popular as the NBA do a worst job at marketing/promoting their Hall of Fame inductions? I mean we have mega stars like Shaq and Allen Iverson getting inducted tonight and literally nobody is talking about it. Pretty weird.
Another guy on that list getting in tonight is Yao Ming, who I think is one of the most underrated players I’ve seen. It sucks that injuries completely derailed his career towards the end because he was AWESOME. His speech went first tonight and started it off with a friendly jab to Allen Iverson.


You can’t not love Yao.



Steve Nash and Lilla Frederick Tie the Knot
Steve Nash and Lilla Frederick Tie the Knot