Golf Channel’s Blair O’Neal Had A Fun Labor Day Weekend

Blair O'Neal pool party

Remember Blair O’Neal? The golfer? The golfer who won Big Break Dominican Republic on Golf Channel a couple years back? The Blair O’Neal who now works for Golf Channel doing a variety of things including golfing in celebrity tourneys, product modeling and fitness episodes with Charlie Rymer.

It appears Blair had Labor Day weekend off because she tore up some nice pool and showed off her unicorn inflatable.

I’m going to change the subject a little bit for a minute. I’ve been getting shit from Social Justice Warriors on Twitter who are just totally blown away that BC would post hot chicks like Blair O’Neal at the pool. These SJWs are always white, look like they’re still virgins and probably jackhammer it to porn at a staggering rate. These guys act like posting pics that someone like Blair already posted on IG or Snap or wherever is some sort of crime and that we’re total pigs.

Uh, the IG models don’t post this shit for no reason, you loser SJWs. They want you morons to see that they’ve been crushing the gym. They want respect for being hot in their 20s. Enough of the fake outrage that BC is doing the same thing we’ve done for almost nine years.

[Blair O’Neal – IG]

Blair O'Neal Instagram bikini

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