Scouts Reportedly Unimpressed by Tim Tebow’s Arm

Just three weeks after making his huge baseball announcement, Tim Tebow has taken to the diamond for his much-hyped showcase.

How is his attempt to woo MLB scouts going? According to early reports — not great!
A scout told USA Today that Tebow’s arm fell in the below average category in throws from right field to home and third:

Tebow then switched into baseball pants, a navy blue top and black cleats for outfield work, but scouts were not overly impressed by his throws from right field to second base, third base and home. One scout graded Tebow’s arm a 45 on the 20 to 80 scouting scale; 50 is considered average, 45 slightly below average. Another scout noted that Tebow’s throws had “a little arc, but just fair carry. There is some strength.”

You can judge Tebow’s arm for yourself — here’s one of his throws home:

Another angle of that toss:

Here’s an additional throw from right field to third base:

Scouts might not be impressed, but at least he throws a baseball better than a football.

On the plus side for Tim, he had a strong showing in the 60-yard dash:

And showed off some pop with his bat:

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