LFL Defender Goes Nuts, Drags Opponent By Her Hair For 10 Yards, Gets Thrown Out


LFL hair pulling

My god what’s happening to the Lingerie Football League? All hell has broken loose and nothing proves it more than what went down in a Dallas Desire vs. Seattle Mist game when Desire defender Victoria Thomas lost her friggin’ mind and started dragging Bryn Renda by her hair after the play was clearly over.

(By the way, I have no idea what’s up with the lighting in that arena. Someone didn’t pay the bills.)

Here’s another shocker: Victoria Thomas is an attorney by day.

Seattle got the last laugh in this one by destroying Dallas 44-6 to win the Western Conference Championship. Now it’s on to the LFL title game against Chicago.

How did Seattle celebrate? They slammed beers on the field.

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