Meet Abby Pyne – Duke Soccer Goalie

I said it yesterday in a post about Oregon State high jumper Sara Almen that if a female college athlete has an IG with a gun, she’s an instant post. That’s because so many of you are into guns that I know the pageviews are going through the roof. I don’t even care if the hot college girl owns the gun. It could be her ugly roommate’s gun. Don’t care.
Same goes with a fish photo. If you have a fish photo IG, you’re getting posted. I don’t care if it’s a 12 ounce bluegill. Post it, play a college sport and you’re getting a spot on Busted.
That’s how we met up with Duke soccer goalie Abby Pyne. I happened upon her account, saw a fish photo and she’s an instant post. These IGs do something weird to BC readers. You guys are mesmerized because it’s so much different than what you’re used to from the normal IG models you follow. It’s normalcy. I think deep down you desire that in your life. Sure, you can look at the professional IG models all day and they seem soulless. Then I post Abby Pyne with a fish & it’s like God touching your shoulder.

Anyway, let’s get to Abby’s bio:
• Fish photo – check
• One of the Duke goalies for national runner-up team – check
• Dates ACC basketball player (Abdul-Malik Abu) – check
• 6’1″
• Rib cage words tattoo – check
[abbypyne – IG]

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