Kacie McDonnell Gets Called Up To Boston, Hired By NESN

Kacie McDonnell went through two high-profile relationships — including an engagement to Aaron Murray and dating Eric Hosmer through a World Series title — and a job with the Kansas City MLS team and a local affiliate doing the desk reporting thing, but now she’s headed for a bigger market.
“So excited to finally tell you all…I’m heading to @NESN in Boston!!!,” McDonnell wrote today on IG.
And there it is, the biggest sports media news of the summer just dropped. You know what this means: NESN’s going to throw her on the sidelines and in front of the camera as much as possible and she’s going to go nuts. She’s been saved. It’s not like KC was horrible for the Philly native. The Hosmer thing was the biggest story going last year in baseball off the field.

But this is Boston. You’re like one call-up away from ESPN. One sideline reporter goes down to an ankle sprain and you’re thrown into some huge college football game. That’s how this goes.
This also means she gets out of the town where her former fiance, Murray, still works for the Chiefs as a clipboard holder. His career is about over and hers is taking off.
Good for Kacie McDonnell, a longtime BC supporter.

Pageviews Spars With Rio Olympics Trolls
Pageviews Spars With Rio Olympics Trolls
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