Meet Darya Klishina: The Lonely Russian Olympic Athlete

The Summer Olympics are designed to take all of the most popular sports and line them up in a way that gives each sport prime coverage during the entire two weeks of competition. Because of the scheduling, swimming and gymnastics traditionally happens during the first week while track & field headlines the final week with some of the most popular races, the 100 and 200 meter sprints, of the games.
All of the countries will be watching as their best athletes compete for one of the several Gold medals awarded for Track & Field, except for one, Russia.
After a massive doping scandal, where the government was found to have covered up the large state-sponsored doping program that affected just about every single Russian track & field athlete. The scandal caught everyone off guard and the IOC ended up banning 111 athletes that did not meet the specified criteria for qualifying.
Darya Klishina was the only track star that earned the right to compete for Russia without being implicated as a part of the entire scandal. And luckily for us, her beautiful smile, long legs, and incredible talent deserves her own dedicated post.

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