RG3’s Alleged Wedding Day Side Piece Has Been Begging Me To Take Down Posts…Now RG3’s Getting Divorce [UPDATE]


RG3 Wedding Day

I was a little shocked earlier this month to see RG3’s alleged wedding day side piece, Meredith, sending me messages via IG DMs about the posts from 2013 where a person who looks a lot like RG3 slides into her texting machine. I hadn’t heard from Meredith for maybe a couple years. I’ve lost track. I blew off her request to take down the one post that was still live. At some point, I made the original post with all her emails to me private. Today I made that post live again. Why? Because RG3 filed for divorce from his wife.

Update: RG3 seems to have a new girlfriend from Estonia who is a heptathlete at Florida State:

The timing here from Meredith is just a little weird.

You can read the original post from 2013:

Why would Meredith come at me in early August over a story that pretty much everyone had forgotten about? Very, very strange. Then 14 days later RG3’s making huge divorce news. Maybe it’s one of the craziest coincidences in Internet history.

RG3 Texting Side Piece

This was sent to me on August 1:

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.39.01 PM

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